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Mechanical Conveying System Replaces Pneumatics Durcon, Inc. in Taylor, Texas

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Mechanical Conveying System Replaces Pneumatics at Durcon, Inc. - KWSPlant Location

Durcon, Inc.
Taylor, Texas

General Description

As a premier manufacturer of epoxy resin worksurfaces used in laboratories, schools and research environments, Durcon, Inc. is the industry leader in their market. Durcon work surfaces are designed for harsh environments because of the material’s outstanding chemical resistance, durability and non-flammability. The consistent quality of Durcon products is the result of well-engineered designs, superior service and top-notch manufacturing.

Durcon contacted KWS in search of a solution to a problematic pneumatic conveying system. The existing pneumatic conveying system proved to be a consistent maintenance issue leading to excessive downtime and expensive replacement components. The pneumatic conveying system was used to transport sand from outdoor storage silos to the beginning of the worksurface manufacturing process. The solution was a KWS mechanical conveying system utilizing screw feeders to discharge from each silo and transfer sand to bucket elevators which lifted the sand into the building. Between the screw feeders and bucket elevators was a reversible screw conveyor that allowed the bucket elevators to be used interchangeably, creating system redundancy.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Various Sands
  2. Material Density: 110 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Conveyor System Capacity: 364 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty: Intermittent Service (Batching)
Mechanical Conveying System Replaces Pneumatics at Durcon, Inc. - KWS

KWS Advantages

Durcon personnel and their consulting engineer met at the KWS facility to discuss the application and determine the design parameters for the project. After creating a preliminary design and sizing the required equipment, KWS engineers visited the Durcon plant to take relevant field measurements for the new system to ensure installation and integration would be simple and easy. During the equipment fabrication process, KWS was able to provide Durcon with special expedited and staggered shipments of crucial components to aid in meeting Durcon’s critical start-up schedule. KWS engineers provided start-up and commissioning services upon completion of installation.

Mechanical Conveying System Replaces Pneumatics at Durcon, Inc. - KWS

Special Features

Due to the existing layout and the angle which the sand needed to enter the building, the KWS bucket elevators extended much higher than the silos that were providing lateral support. Professional engineers at KWS designed a support structure that provided the needed lateral support for the unsupported sections of bucket elevators. A third party engineering firm verified the design. The support structure connected both bucket elevators together to provide a very rigid and extremely structurally sound design.

The support structure incorporated unique shared dual-level service platforms. The service platform’s special three-piece design allowed access to both bucket elevator head sections for regular maintenance. The second level of the platform was used to service gravity diverters that directed the sand to the correct destination in the process.

Durcon wanted a way to monitor the bucket elevators for any potential hazards that would affect performance. KWS supplied a 4B Components Watchdog™ Monitoring System. The system provides bearing temperature monitoring, plug chute detection, belt & pulley misalignment alerts and speed monitoring. The Watchdog is connected directly to a PLC for continuous monitoring and will shut off the mechanical conveying system if an alarm is detected protecting the bucket elevators from potentially catastrophic failures.


"The system is working great! We are very pleased with the design and functionality. We would like to thank KWS very much for working with us to meet our critical delivery and start-up requirements."

Casey Martinez, Senior Process Engineer – Durcon, Inc.

Mechanical Conveying System Replaces Pneumatics at Durcon, Inc. - KWS Mechanical Conveying System Replaces Pneumatics at Durcon, Inc. - KWS

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