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Jacketed Screw Conveyors for Cooling Copper Oxide Major Copper Producer in Montana

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General Description

In the mountains of Montana lies one of the major producers of copper in the world. One of the many variations that is produced is a form of copper oxide used for anti-fouling coatings, mineral supplements for animal diets, colorants for porcelain glazes and glass, brazing pastes, agricultural fungicides and seed dressings.

As part of the process, copper oxide is heated to elevated temperatures. In order to reduce production time, the company was faced with the challenge of cooling the hot material as it came off the production line so it could be packaged. Limited space in the production area was also an issue. KWS had the perfect solution for cooling the hot copper oxide within their space limitations.

Design Parameters

  1. Bulk Material – Copper Oxide
  2. Material Density – 100 to 150 Lbs. per Cubic Feet
  3. Conveyor Capacity – 1,500 Lbs. per Hour
  4. Inlet Temperature – 400-degrees F
  5. Outlet Temperature – Less Than 200-degrees F
  6. Duty – 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

Jacketed Screw Conveyors for Cooling Copper Oxide at Major Copper Producer in Montana - KWS

KWS discussed the problem with the manufacturer to gain a better understanding of their process. KWS designs and manufactures screw conveyors and thermal processors capable of cooling bulk materials from elevated temperatures down to acceptable working temperatures, while conveying the product from point A to point B. Based on heat transfer calculations and previous experience with cooling copper oxide, KWS was able to design a system consisting of two jacketed screw conveyors in series or a “piggyback” conveyor system for cooling the copper oxide.

Process water at 70-degrees F ran through jacketed troughs reducing the initial temperature of 400-degrees F down to a desired temperature of 200-degrees F through a process of surface heat dissipation. The design was very simple, cost-effective, and only covered 24-feet in length. KWS provided full detailed approval drawings and 3D CAD models to help with layout and installation of the new system. KWS expedited the delivery of the system to meet the customer’s installation needs. The original design and lead time was shortened by more than two weeks, thanks to the lean processes employed at KWS. KWS has the shortest lead times in the industry and will meet any customer’s outage or installation schedule.

Special Features

Jacketed Screw Conveyors for Cooling Copper Oxide at Major Copper Producer in Montana - KWS

KWS jacketed troughs are designed and manufactured in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code. The jacketed troughs are predesigned and approved so there is no time lost in the design process. The jacketed troughs were designed to use water as the cooling medium and operated at a flowrate of 50-GPM and a maximum working pressure of 75-psig. Baffles were used to direct the cooling water flow in the jacketed troughs to maximize surface area and heat transfer efficiency so there were not “dead spots” for the water to become stagnant. KWS mounted the bearings at the lower end of each screw conveyor on pedestals to move the bearings away from the heat, extending bearing life. Also, adjustable flanged gland seals were used on the tail shafts to keep the copper oxide contained within the screw conveyors.


"The cooling system is working well. We haven’t had any issues."

Company Spokesperson

Jacketed Screw Conveyors for Cooling Copper Oxide at Major Copper Producer in Montana - KWSJacketed Screw Conveyors for Cooling Copper Oxide at Major Copper Producer in Montana - KWS
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