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Heavy Duty Slide Gates for Steel Mill Dust Collection System

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Plant Name and Location

Mesaieed, Qatar

General Description

MIDREX® provides the world’s leading technology for the direct reduction of iron ore (DRI). Direct reduction is the removal of oxygen from iron ore without melting. The MIDREX® Direct Reduction Process converts iron ore into high-purity direct reduced iron (DRI) for use in steelmaking, ironmaking and foundry applications. DRI MIDREX® Plants produce more than 60 percent of the world’s DRI each year. Iron oxide, in pellet or lump form, is introduced through a proportioning hopper at the top of the shaft furnace. As the iron ore descends through the furnace by gravity flow, it is heated and the oxygen is removed from the iron ore (reduction) by counterflowing gases that have high H2 and CO content. These gases react with the Fe2O3 in the iron ore and convert it to metallic iron, leaving H2O and CO2. For this steel plant project, one of largest steel producers in the Middle East needed reliable, heavy-duty slide gates for the air pollution control system. Heavy duty KWS slide gates were located in the process after the cyclone and trickle valve. The gates were used to provide flow control throughout the air pollution control system. MIDREX Technologies and KWS worked together to develop an excellent solution for their dust collection system.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Iron Dust
  2. Material Density: 180 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Bin Height: 12 Feet

KWS Advantages

MIDREX contacted KWS looking for heavy duty slide gates that would meet their specifications and operate in a steel mill environment. They had received unsatisfactory solutions for design, lead-time and cost from other suppliers and were intrigued by the KWS commitment to Customer satisfaction. Two different sizes of pneumatic slide gates were required for the project. Each gate needed to have neoprene blade wipers and bearings that could be lubricated externally. Equipment delivery was a major concern due to a very tight project schedule. The experienced sales and engineering group at KWS worked closely with MIDREX to ensure every detail of their solution was understood. KWS engineers aided MIDREX with selecting the correct pneumatic cylinder for this application and ensuring a dust-tight design. The engineering and manufacturing processes were expedited due to the short delivery requirements. KWS rose to the challenge by completing the project on time. KWS then hosted the MIDREX inspection engineer so final inspection could be performed and worked with the MIDREX expediting staff to ensure the order made it to the airport all together and on time.

Special Features

KWS designed heavy duty slide gates suitable for the demanding environment of a steel mill. The design incorporated mill duty cam follower bearings that could be greased externally. Pneumatic cylinders were designed with sufficient force to open and close under a head load of dense iron dust. Proximity switches were located on the gates so both the open and closed positions could be determined. The design also included a neoprene wiper to clean the blade as it retracted. KWS engineers coordinated with the Customer’s drawings to ensure proper fit-up and eliminate interferences. KWS provided a detailed drawing submittal to ensure that all Customer requirements were met. MIDREX approved the KWS drawing submittal with no changes. The overall process was expedited as a result of the attention to detail provided by KWS.


"I do appreciate the extra effort and overtime by everyone involved to make sure these gates didn’t miss their flight."

Eric Huhn – Technical Project Manager, MIDREX Technologies


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