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Full Clean-Out Screw Conveyors for Rabbit Waste

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Full Clean-Out Screw Conveyors for Rabbit WastePlant Name and Location

rEVO Biologics
Charlton, MA

General Description

LFB USA provides research, development and manufacturing for their rEVO Biologics subsidiary, which is part the LFB Group; one of Europe’s largest biopharmaceutical companies. rEVO Biologics specializes in developing therapies for rare diseases. The therapies are developed from the milk proteins of specially bred rabbits. rEVO contracted RP Masiello to build their new facility in New England in 2015.

RP Masiello, Inc. is one of most highly respected and well-established construction firms in New England with a very diverse portfolio of projects. rEVO Biologics required a system of screw conveyors to transfer waste and bedding from the rabbit cages to special waste containers located outside of the process. KWS worked with RP Masiello to develop an engineered solution for this application.

Design Parameters

  1. Product Type: Rabbit Bedding and Waste (free flowing; high moisture content)
  2. Material Density: 60 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Capacity: 747 Cubic feet per Hour
  4. Duty: Intermittent Use – 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

KWS Advantages

rEVO Biologics contacted KWS at the beginning of the project in 2012. LFB Group had used screw conveyors in France for a similar process and were seeking equipment of the highest quality for a new US research facility. KWS excels at providing highly engineered solutions for unique applications. The project began with a basic concept and preliminary design. KWS and RP Masiello worked together to develop a layout that seamlessly incorporated the rows of rabbit cages and allowed for proper location of walkways and maintenance access.

KWS provided the expertise to design the conveying system into the building layout including recommending the location of concrete barriers. Pharmaceutical facilities require pristine stainless equipment and KWS has the capabilities to meet these needs. KWS welders are certified to AWS and ASME codes and provide welds of the highest quality. KWS also provided instruction to the installers on site so the equipment installation went seamlessly.

Special Features

rEVO Biologics required a system of screw conveyors that would be provide full cleanout of a daily waste dump. Screw conveyors are an excellent solution for highly viscous solid/liquid mixtures and are much more economical and maintenance-friendly than pumps. The screw conveyors were constructed from 304 stainless steel to ensure the animal waste present would not corrode the moving parts.

The conveyor screws were fitted with UHMW flight edging to provide a tight-clearance fit between the screw and housing in order to provide almost 100-percent material cleanout during conveying. The system was engineered to operate quietly as not to scare the sensitive animals present in the room. KWS also designed special slide gates and transition chutes to close off the flow of material so the waste containers downstream could be taken away with zero leakage. Special grease-purged shaft seals were selected to keep the conveyors liquid tight.


"Thanks for all of your help on this project and for teaching us about augers."

Stephen Pupkar, Project Manager – RP Masiello, Inc.

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