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Split Flanged Gland Seals

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KWS Split Flanged Gland Seals are used to prevent bulk materials from leaking from a screw conveyor or feeder. Mounted to the outside of a pedestal or bulkhead trough end, the KWS Split Flanged Gland Seal is very similar in design and function to the CEMA standard flanged gland seal. Both types of seals consist of an outer housing with multiple rings of packing compressed by an adjustable follower to create a positive seal around a rotating shaft.

KWS Split Flanged Gland Seals utilize a split follower with two halves that can be separated after retracting the follower from the seal housing allowing full access to replace the square braided rope packing without removal of the pillow block bearing.


Split Flanged Gland Seals - KWS

Wide Variety of Construction Materials – KWS Split Flanged Gland Seals can be made from carbon steel, stainless steel or high-nickel alloys for corrosion resistance or high-temperature applications.

Wide Variety of Packing Materials – ½-inch square braided rope packing is available in many different materials. Graphite impregnated packing is used in most industrial and low to medium temperature applications. Teflon packing provides chemical resistance for use in the chemical industry. Ceramic fiber packing is used for high temperature applications.

Purge Option is Available – KWS Split Flanged Gland Seals can be modified to include a coupling fitted to the outer housing for purging with air, nitrogen or grease. In addition to the square braided rope packing, a bronze lantern ring is located internally to allow the purge media into the housing to form a barrier seal around the shaft.


Split Flanged Gland Seals - KWS

Versatility – KWS Split Flanged Gland Seals are used in almost every industrial application. With the available purge option, screw conveyors and feeders can be designed to hold internal pressure.

Ease of Maintenance – Braided rope packing can be replaced in minutes without disturbing the adjacent pillow block bearing or drive by removing the split follower. Two adjustment bolts connecting the split follower to the outer housing are removed using common hand tools. The split follower is then retracted and the two halves separated allowing access for rope packing replacement.

Very Cost Effective – KWS Split Flanged Gland Seals offer an advantage over more complicated mechanical seals on the market due to lower initial purchase price and reduced maintenance costs. Additional savings are also realized due to reduced maintenance down time when replacement of the rope packing is required.

Split Flanged Gland Seals - KWS

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