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Features & Benefits - Pivoting Diverter Chutes

Many engineers treat the conveying and loadout location of bulk solids as an afterthought. The reality is most end users want their bulk solids conveyed reliably and loaded into dumpsters or trucks evenly with little operator oversight.

Pivoting Diverter Chutes

Chute is Supported by Stainless Steel Rollers

KWS Pivoting Diverter Chutes manually divert and discharge bulk solids to specific locations. Pivoting diverter chutes can be used to feed various hoppers, bulk bags, or bins. The unique design of the pivoting chute allows for even filling of a bin or hopper as well as the ability to fill multiple bins or hoppers in series.

KWS Pivoting Diverter Chutes are custom designed and manufactured for simple operation. The pivoting diverter chute assembly attaches to the discharge of a load-out conveyor. The pivoting chute is supported by bronze-bushed rollers that require no lubrication or maintenance. UHMW slide retainers ensure that the chute pivots smoothly and leakage is prevented. Replacement parts are easy to find and low cost. Most replacement parts can be sourced from KWS Environmental or through any local power transmission distributor.


Pivoting Diverter Chutes

KWS Swivel Chute Bolts Up to Existing Discharge

Manual Operation – Pivoting diverter chutes are fitted with an extended handle to provide both leverage and reach. Tie lugs are used to secure the chute during long periods of use or idleness and to prevent the chute from pivoting out of the desired range.

Heavy Duty Construction – Pivoting diverter chutes are manufactured from heavy-gauge carbon or stainless steel.

Simple Pivoting Mechanism – Bronze-bushed rollers and UHMW slide retainers support the pivoting chute.


Simple, Easy-to-Use Design – Pivoting diverter chutes are simple to install and operate. No air or electricity is required to operate the chutes.

Maintenance-Free Operation – Pivoting diverter chutes will handle years of wear and tear.

Easy to Rotate – Stainless steel rollers are corrosion resistant. UHMW slide retainers are durable and low friction, making the chute easy to reposition as required.

Pivoting Diverter Chutes Features and Benefits

KWS Swivel Chute Evenly Loads Roll Off Containers

Pivoting Diverter Chutes Features and Benefits

Chute Pivots Between Small Collection Containers

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