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Intermediate hanger bearings are required when multiple screw sections are used to form a single screw conveyor. Standard CEMA hangers are designed to be used with a U-trough, which is open at the top and has sides that extend above the top of the screw. Likewise, the hanger frame extends up to mount flush with the top flange of the trough. Figure 1 shows a typical U-trough with hanger.

Features & Benefits – Hanger Pockets

KWS Screw Conveyor with Tubular Troughs and Hanger Pockets

Unfortunately, when using a totally enclosed, tubular trough, additional clearance above the top of the screw is not available. Because hanger bearings must be regularly checked and replaced, easy access for maintenance is a requirement. KWS Hanger Pockets are an excellent solution to allow clearance for a standard hanger frame, as well as access for maintenance. Figure 2 shows a tubular trough with KWS Hanger Pocket.

The length of the hanger pocket is a critical dimension. Some manufacturers choose to use small, discharge spouts as hanger pockets, but KWS is focused on providing the highest quality solution for its Customers. KWS Hanger Pockets are significantly longer than our competition’s. KWS Hanger Pocket length is determined by the amount of space required to service not only the hanger, but also the coupling bolts of a 3-bolt coupling. KWS hanger pockets provide adequate space to easily replace the hanger bearing as well as remove all coupling bolts with allowance for wrenches and tools. Plant maintenance personnel will be happy to maintain a screw conveyor supplied by KWS Manufacturing.

All KWS Hanger Pockets are accessible through a flat, bolted cover. Covers are bolted with standard hex-head fasteners and safety bolts that require a special tool to remove. The special tool is included with every order from KWS.


Additional Length of Hanger Pocket – KWS Hanger Pockets are designed with additional length for easy access to hanger bearings, coupling bolts and coupling shafts.

Bolted Cover – KWS Hanger Pockets are supplied with a flat, bolted cover. Safety bolts are included with every cover.


Ease of Maintenance – Extended length of KWS Hanger Pocket provides adequate clearance for tools to replace hanger bearings, coupling bolts and coupling shafts. Maintenance time is significantly reduced.

Safe Operation – A bolted cover, which includes safety bolts requiring an additional tool to remove, ensures that only trained maintenance personnel have access to the conveyor housing. Proper Lock Out/Tag Out procedures must be following in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Features & Benefits – Hanger Pockets

Typical U-trough with Hanger

Features & Benefits – Hanger Pockets

Tubular Trough with KWS Hanger Pocket

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