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Bolt-In Angle Hold-Downs

Screw conveyors are used throughout lime, limestone, and mineral processing. Most screw conveyors require hanger bearings to support each screw section. Hard iron bearings work well when conveying lime and limestone. However, dolomite is very abrasive and can cause premature wear on hanger bearings. The Maintenance Supervisor at the Las Vegas facility wanted to eliminate hanger bearings in several screw conveyors handling dolomite. KWS worked closely with the plant to redesign the screw conveyors with close-coupled and clocked screws, abrasion-resistant trough liners and angle hold-downs.

Screws are Close-Coupled and Clocked to Eliminate Hanger Bearings


Product Type: Dolomite

Density: 80 to 100 Lbs. per Cubic Foot

Capacity: 2,000 Cubic Feet per Hour

Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

The new KWS screws were constructed from heavy-duty carbon steel with 3/8-inch thick flights mounted on heavy wall pipe. The troughs were lined with abrasion resistant plate to reduce wear. The new hold-downs bolted in to the side of the trough and could be removed within minutes.


KWS personnel met at the Las Vegas plant to review the application and offer solutions. Maintenance costs were high on the existing screw conveyors and the Maintenance Supervisor wanted to eliminate hanger bearings. KWS offered a design that completely eliminated hanger bearings and required less maintenance. A bolt-in hold-down was proposed to keep the close-coupled and clocked screws in place while making it easy for removal when needed. The new design would reduce downtime and help the plant get back to production faster.

“The weld-in hold-downs that we had before were a real pain and we were looking for a new solution. The new KWS bolt-in hold-downs save a lot of down time. We will have them all made this way from now on!” – Maintenance Manager, Lime Producer

Features & Benefits – Bolt-In Angle Hold-Downs

Exploded View Shows How Easily KWS Bolt-In Hold-Downs Can Be Removed

Features & Benefits – Bolt-In Angle Hold-Downs

Hold-Downs Bolt to Side of Trough in Multiple Locations

Features & Benefits – Bolt-In Angle Hold-Downs

KWS Bolt-In Hold-Down is Reinforced on Outside of Trough

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