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Why is Rendering Important?

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Why is Rendering Important? - KWS Ask the Experts

Beef is Rich in Vitamins and Minerals as Well as a Good Source of Protein


What happens to the parts of animals that humans do not eat, and does it have any value?


People around the world enjoy eating beef, poultry, pork, and mutton as part of a healthy diet. These meats are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as a good source of protein. The edible part of an animal is used for human consumption. Approximately 50-percent of an animal is considered inedible.

Annually, over 60 billion pounds of animal by-products are produced in the U.S. and Canada from farms, feedlots and slaughter facilities for cattle, hogs, sheep, chicken, and turkey. Instead of wasting the by-products and filling landfills, the materials are recycled annually into 20 billion pounds of fat, oil, and protein products. Rendering converts unutilized meat, fat, and bone into nutritious pet food and biofuels.

KWS builds high quality, engineered solutions to address the abrasive and corrosive environments found in the Rendering Industry.

Why is Rendering Important? - KWS Ask the Experts

Rendering Converts Meat into Nutritious Pet Food

Why is Rendering Important? - KWS Ask the Experts

Fat is Processed and Converted into Biofuels

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