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Expedited Screw is Delivered Ahead of Schedule for Lhoist in Calera, AL

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Plant Location

Lhoist Montevallo Plant
Calera, AL

General Description of the Application

Lhoist is a leading manufacturer of lime worldwide. The company originated in Belgium and expanded to the United Sates in the 1980’s. Calera, AL is the home of a quarry and processing facility that manufactures various types of lime. Lime is a manufactured material made from limestone that has been burned to create quicklime. Water can then be added to convert the product to slaked or hydrated lime. Various forms of lime are used extensively to adjust the pH in applications ranging from soil to waste water treatment.

Expedited Screw is Delivered Ahead of Schedule for Lhoist in Calera, AL - KWS

Screw was Manufactured and Ready for Shipment in 2 Days

A critical application at the Calera plant involved conveying quicklime to a hydrator using a screw conveyor. Prior to a planned shutdown, the screw failed and could not be repaired. Downtime is valued at thousands of dollars per hour and Lhoist needed help. Without a replacement screw, the plant would be unable to produce hydrated lime since there was no redundancy built into the system. Lhoist needed a special screw manufactured immediately and KWS responded by exceeding the expectations of Lhoist.

Design Parameters of Application

  1. Product Type: Lime
  2. Material Density: 45 to 60 Lbs. per Cubic Foot
  3. Capacity: 2,000 Cubic Feet per Hour
  4. Duty: 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week

Advantages Provided by KWS

Expedited Screw is Delivered Ahead of Schedule for Lhoist in Calera, AL - KWS

External Collar and 3-Bolt Drilling Increase Torque Rating

With a commitment to continuous improvements, KWS has streamlined every manufacturing procedure and now, provides the shortest lead times in the screw conveyor industry. Lean manufacturing processes have reduced queue times, allowing for efficient production and improved deliveries. Standard lead time to build the new screw was fifteen working days, but our goal was to get Lhoist up and running as soon as possible.

After being notified of the screw failure on Wednesday afternoon, KWS manufactured the replacement screw and shipped it two days later and it was delivered to the plant on Saturday morning. KWS reduced the lead time from fifteen to two working days and was able to satisfy another valued Customer.

The replacement screw was very special in design with heavy-duty flights, 3-bolt shaft connections, and continuously welded flights on schedule 80 pipe. The drive end of the screw was reinforced with an external collar that fits on the pipe OD and reinforces the area around the coupling bolt holes.


"Turnaround time was great! We needed the screw much sooner for a shutdown. We called KWS and they moved up the delivery date to meet our needs. The screw was installed and running that Saturday. Thank you KWS!"

Richard B., Maintenance Planner – Lhoist North America

Expedited Screw is Delivered Ahead of Schedule for Lhoist in Calera, AL - KWS

Special Order Screw Section Lhoist


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