Food Products – Human and Animal Consumption

The manufacturing and processing of food products for human and animal consumption is a huge industry that continues to grow. This industry includes beef, pork and poultry processing, dog and cat food, sugar refining, wet corn milling, coffee processing and the manufacturing of ice. KWS designs and manufactures equipment specially designed for the food industry. Our food grade conveyors are perfect for food products used for human consumption. Highly polished stainless steel construction with no pits or crevices is our standard for the industry. The equipment used for non-human consumption for the processing of beef, pork and poultry require very heavy-duty construction to handle the meat by-products.

Rendering Process Equipment

Rendering converts waste animal by-products into stable, value added materials as diverse as animal feed and biodiesel.

KWS builds high quality, engineered solutions to address the abrasive and corrosive environments found in the Rendering Industry.

Food Products Problem Solvers

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